Elliott Childre

Professional Development Chairman

Georgia Tech Triangle places a premium importance on our Brotherhood. It is something that binds together our diverse group of men, and allows us to grow and learn together. We have brothers from all over the world, and from all walks of life, but our goals of excellence, service and brotherhood remain the same.

Over the course of the year, we have many events and activities that help to reinforce this, such as brotherhood retreats, cabin weekends, hikes, lunches, and groups. Additionally, Triangle proudly gives its Brothers a chance to participate in our professional development series, to allow them to grow not just as brothers, but also as leaders in industry, and marketable professionals.

Nima Mikail

Social Chairman

Adam Fultz

Executive Treasurer


Jonathan Gosyne

Executive Secretary


In addition to our own internal programming, we push our brothers to be leaders on campus. We work with our members to facilitate attendance  at national events such as  the Scobie Leadership Academy, The National Leadership Training Weekend, and Triangle's National Convention.

For a taste of our brotherhood and diversity, below are some brief bios of some of the amazing brothers that serve on Triangle Leadership.

Matthew Pack

Executive Vice-President


Matthew Wolfsen

Executive President


Jeff Miller

Recruitment Chairman

Reed Nikolich

Philanthropy Chairman