Triangle’s beginnings came from the desire of some congenial college friends to extend their friendship, not only through college, but also for life. It was in the fall of 1906 that sixteen civil engineering juniors at the University of Illinois began the association that became Triangle Fraternity. These Founders based their organization on the principles of honor, friendship, character, brotherhood, courage, and ideals. They developed their plans quickly, and on April 15, 1907, incorporated Triangle in the State of Illinois. The date of incorporation has been designated as Founders’ Day, and Triangle appropriately celebrates it every year at each chapter.

Since then, Triangle has expanded Far and wide across universities throughout the nation, with the name “Triangle” representing the strength of that shape used in design work in the field of civil engineering. It is the only social Fraternity exclusively for men majoring in engineering, architecture, and the sciences, and one of 3 men’s social Fraternities that does not use traditional Greek letters

1) To help develop the highest standards of personal integrity and character,

2) To foster and provide an intellectual, mature environment for its members through individual and group effort and through the mutual companionship of men with similar professional interests and goals,

To foster and provide the broadening experience of fraternity living with its social and moral challenges and responsibilities for the individual and the chapter,

4) To recognize and support the objectives and goals of the Alma Mater and those of the community through responsible participation and action,

5) To help bridge the gap between undergraduate study and the vocation of the individual in industry, the academic world or government,

6) To foster and maintain a bond of fraternal brotherhood through a continuing program of activity for the alumni, and

7) To bring into focus the elements of planned progress for the betterment of mankind


All Triangle Fraternity brothers strive to be leaders in the campus, local community, and their chosen fields of studies.  In order to do so our brothers and volunteers are aware of our mission statement and objectives.  Triangle’s purpose is as follows:

The purpose of Triangle shall be to maintain a fraternity of engineers, architects and scientists.  It shall carry out its purpose by establishing chapters that develop balanced men who cultivate high moral character, foster lifelong friendships, and live their lives with integrity.

In order to achieve this purpose, over the last century, brothers of Triangle have outlined a set of organizational objectives. The objectives of Triangle Fraternity are as follows:

On March 7th, 2014, the Georgia Tech chapter of Triangle Fraternity was incorporated. it seemed only logical for the premier society for men in engineering, architecture and science to have a presence on the campus of one of the premier engineering institutions in the world. On that day, a group of men looking for a change; and unconventional Greek life experience, became the Founding Fathers of Triangle Fraternity Georgia Tech. Since then, Triangle brothers have found themselves plugged in to every facet of campus life and leadership.

Though still young, Triangle fraternity at Georgia Tech has since hit the ground running, and has fostered partnerships with numerous organizations within the Greek sector, student life, and with various philanthropic organizations nationally, to help provide the best possible campus experience for our brothers and peers alike.

Colonization at Georgia Tech.